At Winssion, we are passionate about the work we do and utilize individual ideas, creativity and innovation to achieve common targets and goals.

We are known for our deep understanding of consumer insights and our ability to build brands in innovative categories, as well as, our localized experience when it comes to sales, distribution, marketing and logistics.

We are recognized for our expertise in promoting and nurturing global premium brands by raising awareness, identifying opportunities, understanding market needs, integrating processes and initiating activities to achieve common targets.

We derive our mindset from our inhouse project named Hop-r short for Houseofpreneurs


To create opportunities for a better future for our team, partners and customers.


  • Become a more valued partner with our key customers.
  • Relentless pursuit of operational excellence.
  • Unique portfolio of diverse, complementary business models and products.
  • Productive workplace environment, safe products and healthy attitudes.


To fully realize our talents, skills and potential to create better products for our customers. We are determined to build together.


We will make a difference if we consistently drive one another to outperform with excellence in order to become a trusted provider.


  • Drive ownership & accountability into every level of the organization – Intrapreneurship approach
  • Relentlessly focus on the root cause of issues – Problem solving approach
  • Make decisions based on knowledge, facts, and data – Unbiased approach
  • Creating growth and development opportunities daily – The ‘up’roach


  • Right Attitude
  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Availability
  • Simplicity
  • Openness; and
  • Humility

Our logo signifies the cycle of daily action; the circle of life, but without it being a closed circle, stepping out of the ordinary. We focus on imagining and creating without the realm of boundaries in this world. Growth happens when you think and act outside the box. We work towards being beyond the rat race mindset.

Winssion, the name, signifies a blend of growth words – Win, Mission, Vision, On.